Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wreath making in the Big Room

Making wreaths together in the Big Room is a beloved Upattinas holiday tradition. This set of pictures will give you a taste of the merriment at December 2011's wreath extravaganza!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Easy ways to help the school

Remember, there are many ways to help the school while doing your regular shopping!
  • Register your Giant BONUSCARD to earn cash for the school when you buy your groceries at Giant.

  • Apply for a Target REDcard and sign up for Take Charge of Education, and 1% of everything you spend at Target (and will be donated to the school.

  • Clip Box Tops for Education from the products you use every day and send them in to us in the office. You can also create an account on the Box Tops site and visit daily to enter sweepstakes and play games which can earn even more for Upattinas. Finally, visit the Box Tops Marketplace to earn eBoxTops while you shop online!
Last year, Upattinas earned over $300 through these three programs, which we spent on supplies, field trips, and other fun (and necessary) stuff!