Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Courtesy Posting

This, from our friends Jim and Nao:

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities
For Alternative Learning Center
Wandering Seed
The Alternative Learning center for Middle school Youth along the Thai Burmese Border; The Wandering Seed Project, is the growing pilot project from Whispering Seed Foundation, 501 (c) (3) USA. And with cooperation from Global Village School, International Home School USA, Children Village School, Thailand , Children and Youth for Development Foundation , Thai Volunteer Service and student volunteers from various universities and with cooperation from education organizations and the local District Organizations
Internship for these positions for 3 months June-Aug 2009
1. Teaching English for students ( teenagers age ) in program and ethic Thai-Burmese-Karen tribe adults
Teaching Position in Alternative Education for teenage, middle school age, Experience in Walkabout passage will be highly interested.
2. Vocational Training teacher in Wood carving and Sculpture/Pottery/Ceramic
3. Documentary Filmmaker and Animator and Graphic Designer and Children Literature
( At least one week in all above areas and… )
1. Fundraiser
2. Writer for articles, Journalist
3. Teaching academics, English, Math, Science, Social, Ecology, Non-violence communication etc.. for Middle school student, teenage.
For more info contact ; Saowanee Sangkara ( nao )

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Darling, Darling, Darling

Finally, at the end of this string of NCACS posts, we come to Darling. I cannot list all that she did, or how many months she spent planning, or how many hours of sleep she got in the weeks before and during the conference. From brochures and registration packets to camping space and name tags, Darling anticipated the needs of the conference and held the project in her heart and hands for a very long time. The equivalent of planning a three-day wedding, the flow and success of the conference was not a surprise to Darling, who knew all along what she - and we - could do.

A final THANK YOU! to Darling, who was pulled in multiple directions and had an answer for eveyone during the conference and managed to look glamorous at the same time!

*Note - Just a few days after the conference ended, at the weekly All School Meeting, Darling's announcement was for everyone to rally for the next event, Evening of the Arts. Relentless.


There is always the danger, when trying to thank a group of people individually, that someone's name will be left off the list. The size of this event and the level of participation make it nearly impossible to list everyone's contribution - you know who you are, and we know we can count on each other.

While it shouldn't be a surprise to any of us, our community rocked before, during, and after this conference! Staff, students, parents, board members, and alumni worked together on workshops, cleaning, planning, transporting, cooking, serving, directing, wiring, networking, greeting, nursing, washing, sweeping, stocking, supplying, sweeping, singing, presenting, organizing, shopping, weeding, recycling, laundry. . . this could go on. Really. And then there are the conference attendees, students and staff alike, who pitched in and offered workshops, volunteered in the kitchen, ran meetings, cleaned up, organized games. . . really, how cool are we?

So THANK YOU everyone and CONGRATULATIONS on being an amazing group of people!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Conference Randomness

The folks in the kitchen had a pleasant surprise - the Peace Tomato! Lycopene and harmony in a salad; can't beat it.

Gratuitous picture of Indy.

We were happy to have Hobo Ed* and his fabulous coffee on Saturday. It was an unusually hot day and his iced coffees were moving like, well, iced coffees on a hot day. Ed and his family have long ties to Upattinas and it was fun to have him back on campus!

*I don't know why I can't get that link to work, so check him out!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yes, I still have more pictures. And yes, there are still a few things to be said.

Think about this: Every room that had a workshop using a microphone or projector had to have been set up. So did the stage, and the music studio. Power had to be run all over campus. AV equipment distributed, connected, checked, maintained. Aren't we lucky we have JEFF DOMENICK???

And on top of all that, he sings.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Shout-out to the new NCACS Board

A little bit of business-reporting here; there is a new board, after all! It's too early to alphabetize so here, in no particular order besides the executive committee listed first, are the members of the new NCACS Board.

Kristin Lamoureux, Chair
Darling Bonjo, Vice Chair
Cheryl Kruckeberg, Secretary
Terri Wheeler, Treasurer
Vikram Babu, Tech Advisor
Andrew Oak, Student Rep
Maria Corse
Justin Colella
Mary Ellen Bowen

Thank you for taking on the responsibility!