Sunday, May 10, 2009

Darling, Darling, Darling

Finally, at the end of this string of NCACS posts, we come to Darling. I cannot list all that she did, or how many months she spent planning, or how many hours of sleep she got in the weeks before and during the conference. From brochures and registration packets to camping space and name tags, Darling anticipated the needs of the conference and held the project in her heart and hands for a very long time. The equivalent of planning a three-day wedding, the flow and success of the conference was not a surprise to Darling, who knew all along what she - and we - could do.

A final THANK YOU! to Darling, who was pulled in multiple directions and had an answer for eveyone during the conference and managed to look glamorous at the same time!

*Note - Just a few days after the conference ended, at the weekly All School Meeting, Darling's announcement was for everyone to rally for the next event, Evening of the Arts. Relentless.

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