Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had a hard time thinking of a catchy title for this post, one that neatly summed up how delicious and diverse the food was while hinting at the talents, both culinary and organizational, of Schuyler, our Kitchen...what? Manager? Goddess? Magician? Schuyler, who fed over two hundred people, three meals a day, but also divided those meals into vegetarian, "meat eater," vegan, and gluten free. The very same Schuyler who planned the menus, organized the shopping and storage of ingredients before and during the conference, and calculated utensils/pans/pots/serving items..midday snacks...cold drinks in a heatwave....this was huge!

Schuyler would be the very first person to point out that she had lots of help, and she did, of course, have a full roster of people from all the schools ready and willing to prep, serve, or clean up. Hats off to them and a rousing blog cheer for Schuyler, who was instrumental to the success of the conference!

Lady-of-the-moment, Schuyler!

Schuyler and Elaine doing some juggling at the stove.

Good morning!

Food line in the stone hallway. They look really hungry, no?

Some of our kitchen helpers were shy about being photographed.

Some were not.
Frosting cakes and cutting bagels, with Ayako peeking from the stove.

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